What kind of files can we restore?

Over the last 15 years our experts have restored every form of data from a digital file such as a Word document to get back business essential data such as you correspondences and contact details to complete business disaster recover.

Private Cloud Service

We also offer a online Data centre based in Fairview. Where you can quickly set up an account online and upload to our private cloud servers. The servers was designed and by Computer Doctor for client backup and Disaster recovery.

This the premises can be visited by appointment.

Now! We are using PC 3000 by Acer labs in our clean room

We can recover your information to a variety of media be it
Windows, Android or various Mac OS.
When things go wrong it can happen for an number of reasons ranging from physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being accessible by you are your data.  
First thing you need to know is help is at hand.

How do I get my files/ Media to Data Recovery Doctor? For damaged files
You can Email your damaged data files to us via our secure servers online
For Damage media  
You can drop in your damage media of post it via register mail or one of our team can drop out to in one of team can pick up your data (pickup charge applies)
Why would I lose accesss to my Data?Often it is impossible to access the information in a normal way. That is when we come in we use a combination
of state of the art cloud services and professional
experience of our team of IT engineers to recover
information a variety of media from:

– Internal and external Hard drives
– Solid state drives
– Digital storage media
Profession confidential service
Over the last 15 years we have earned a Reputation for profession confidential servis you can trust

But don’t take out word for it check out our customer review on Google.