We have over 15 years experience developing data storage recovery technologies. We have delivered thousands of successful data recoveries to our valued customers over the 15 years.

Confidential service

Most of our work involves the handling of both personal and commercially sensitive data and all data recovery jobs are treated with utmost confidentiality and carried out in our own laboratories which are tightly secured & controlled.


We have streamlined and automated many of the time consuming parts of the data recovery processes which allows for a rapid and cost effective turn around time on all projects.


We have unrivalled skills, equipment and expertise which enabling us to competently and efficiently perform all types of successful recoveries from the most basic to the most technically advanced.

Highest success rates

In addition to our own development team we work with several leading industry partners to develop and enhance our specialist tools & techniques which allow us to consistently deliver the highest success rates.

We solve


Unreadable sectors, bad sectors

This is a common problem that we are able to work around. A computer will try to read bad areas in sequence, where we read around the bad sectors and only attempt to read them when the remainder of the data is safe.

Head and Preamp failure

Symptoms of this problem are generally clicking, ticking or ‘sweeping’ noises coming from the disk. Heads can become physically damaged when exposed to shock or static electricity. The extent of any platter damage will determine the outcome of the recovery.

Slow hard disk, hanging computer and inaccessible folders and files

This can also be caused by bad sectors but can also be firmware problems. When we recover this type of problem, after a hardware test is passed, the firmware area is examined and repairs made where necessary.

RAID Controller Failure

This results with no access to the data on the RAID system. Can sometimes be repaired by replacing the controller card, but in some cases RAID configuration information is stored in memory on the controller in these cases RAID data recovery is required.

Broken USB Memory Stick

This happens over time when the connector becomes weak as the unit is inserted and removed into aUSB port. Any excessive upward or downward force can snap the memory stick in two. This is not usually a problem as we remove the physical memory chips and recover the data directly.

Dropped Laptop/Desktop

A very common problem that usually results with all data recovered. Usually the hard disk is turned off when a computer is dropped meaning that there is minimal damage to the platters. Also, many devices have shock sensor devices built in to minimize damage caused by dropping.

Liquid Damage

We have recovered data from laptops been dropped down stairs, into ponds and had all manner of liquid spilt on them – tea. coffee, beer, wine, you name it! We have even recovered data from a USB stick that has been through the washing machine!