We can restore data from various Devices

Whatever the device be a Hard drive (Internal/External), NAS (Network Attached Storage) , USB stick, SD card or mSata drive, we can recover your data from it.


We can recover data from all hard drive models, not just the common models. As unique as some drives are they are in essence all the same in principal, we have experience that can only be achieved by hundreds of hours of testing and research and restoration of customers data

Home users

We understand that however important your data is, cost is always a factor and we offer fair and reasonable prices to our customers.

Business Clients

We offer corporate and SME clients an advanced data recovery service for RAID arrays and servers across all operating systems and understand that your data is critical and you need access to it quickly to run your business

How do I get my Device/Data to
Data Recovery Doctor

- You can drop in your damage media off in Fairview Dublin 3
- Post it via register mail
- Email your damaged data files to us via our secure servers online
- Or one of our team can drop out to in one of team can pick up your data device (pickup charge applies)